HOCD: therapy

HOCD at its finestTherapy can be the hardest decision to make when you have been diagnosed with HOCD… There are many, many, many options. You can take the route of exposure therapy, you can also go the psychiatric route. Exposure therapy has been known to work very well with HOCD. What I was recommended to do by my therapist was go to a gay club. it worked very well. But after a few months I began to feel the hocd coming onto me again. I called my doctor

He suggested that I talked to phychologist about my specific ocd. What a great decision this was. I have never looked back. After close to three sessions the therapy had cured me, He gave me more information on exposure therapy which cured my HOCD. I could not believe it.

The service he gave was impecable he even made it onto the top 30 list for the best phychologists in the world! I assure you he will cure any problems you may have regarding HOCD. I know what the burden is like and I would not wish it upon anyone in the entire world. We hope you understand this. Phychologists know what they are doing and they are only there to help you, and cure you of HOCD, and any other mental illness you might encounter during your life time.

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